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Best beef jerky

There are many different kinds of beef jerky available on the market today. You will find a variety of flavors and meat selections, in addition to a near endless supply of brands. But how do you know you are getting the best beef jerky there is available? Everything from meat cuts to ingredients and drying process to flavors contribute to making the best beef jerky there is.


According to Mintel, the current trend is high protein and it continues to have an impact in the major regions of Europe, North America and Asia. Meat based snacks, such as beef jerky, are now being favoured by consumers as it is a more natural source of protein. The popularity of this on the go snack continues to rise. Because of the increased popularity, consumers have more and more choices of beef jerky available to them. There are many flavors available and jerky is now being made from a variety of different meat options.

With so many options available, consumers are able to find a lot of great beef jerky snacks. However, there is also plenty more bad jerky products on the market too. When selecting beef jerky look for brands that are made with all-natural meets and have the highest protein possible.

Shopping for meat

Those who make their own beef jerky will want to find the best cuts of meat possible. By doing so, you are sure to have good, high protein diet snacks available to you. Jerkyholic offers a few tips to follow when shopping for meat to make beef jerky.

  • Do not purchase expired meats,
  • Jerky will lose approximately 2/3 of its weight
  • Inspect the cut
  • Get a cut with the least amount of fat
  • Have the butcher cut it in strips for you

When shopping for meat to make beef jerky at home, you can also check with the butcher. He or she will know the best kinds of meat you need to make your homemade snack. Plus, the butcher will be able to cut your jerky for you. This ensures the strips are cut right and all you need to do is go home, marinade it and create you very best jerky snack possible. That being said, making homemade jerky can be quite an expensive route. If you purchase good quality beef, it can be expensive per kilogram especially when you take into account the weight loss. For homemade jerky, generally quite high levels of salt have to be used to avoid any food safety issues. Drying times vary significantly, and it can be difficult to keep track of this when making beef jerky at home. As always, we recommend that you follow good food safety and hygiene if making beef jerky, however we don’t recommend you try it!

At Rucksnacks, we make all our beef jerky by hand in a controlled environment. We are skilled, knowledgeable and perfectionist when making beef jerky having honed our technique. Our jerky is made in a controlled environment, with the best quality beef used. Our quality will never be compromised, so you will always get the best beef jerky on the market. If you have any questions about our process or want to know more, drop us an email.

Meat selection

Making the best dried jerky requires selecting the best beef and meat available. When selecting meat to make your owner beef jerky you will want to look for meat that is lean, fresh and have plenty of it available. When getting meat from a local butcher, have him or her cut it in ¼ inch strips with the grain.

Jerky can be made with more than just beef as a meat. Some people are finding the best jerky is made out of turkey, pork, chicken and even fish. There are even some vegetarian jerky available on the market today.

Best cuts of beef for jerky

When looking for the best beef jerky, it is important to look for the best cuts of beef. The key to being a good cut of beef is having as little amount of fat on the meat as possible. Fat can spoil the jerky and ruin the flavor of it. Though beef jerky can be made from just about any type of meat, here are some of the best cuts of beef for making jerky:

  • Eye of round
  • Bottom round
  • Top round
  • Sirloin tip
  • Flank steak


According to, the cost of jerky can be a bit expensive. Depending upon the type of brand you purchase, especially if you want the best beef jerky, you will find that it can typically cost more than €90 ($100) a kilogram (2 pounds).

The cost of jerky can be high mostly because it takes a lot of work to dehydrate the meat. Plus, a lot of the cost in the meat weight before dehydrating which removes a lot of weight. In the end consumers are paying for one pound of beef to get just a little more than ¼ pound of jerky.

What is in beef jerky?

For the most part, jerky is made using thin marinated pieces of beef. These strips are then dried out to create a nutritional snack. Though beef is the most popular form of jerky, it is also made using pork, turkey, venison and even sometimes fish. These strips are then marinated, flavored and dried out.

Because the meat is not cooked, it is just dried, there are many who are concerned with the question: “Is beef jerky raw?” According to Modernist Cooking Made Easy, the meat is not cooked, however, there is less of a concern of bacteria growing in jerky than fully cooked meat. Cooked meat still contains some moisture, which is the breeding ground for bacteria.

Nutritional Facts

The nutritional benefits you will have from eating jerky will depend greatly upon the type of jerky you eat. When looking to find how many calories are in beef jerky it can range from as little as 40 calories per serving to more than 150 calories per serving. It is important to look at the labels carefully and compare nutritional facts to find the on with the highest protein. Overall, most beef jerky products are very healthy and a snack option chosen by many athletes.

When looking at the labels, it is important to compare everything from fat content to sodium levels and protein values to sugar content. Those concerned with finding sugar free jerky will want to look for this on the label. Some beef jerky made with no sugar also have special labels on the front of the package to attract consumers looking for this option.

With so many types of beef jerky available, finding the best one for you might not be an easy task. You will have to sample all of the different brands and flavors to see which one you like the best. Plus, you will need to check out all of the ingredients and nutrition facts. Combined you will be able to find the best beef jerky for your tastes and nutritional needs.

At Rucksnacks, we only make healthy, nutritious beef jerky. Not only are our beef jerky healthy, it also taste delicious. We didn’t like the bland flavours on the market so we worked hard on developing our unique flavours to provide you with a healthy and tasty snack. We don’t add any sugar, and our snacks are not high in salt. Each 30g serving contains over 16.4g of protein and only 89kcal. Check out our nutritional information to find out more.

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