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Hidden Sugar! Everything You Need to Know! by Genna Connolly

When you think of sugar, you probably think of your bog-standard white sugar, however these days there are more and more derivatives of sugar that are nicely disguised to us the consumer, through their name, leaving us blissfully unaware. Lots of people are getting involved in ‘Sugar-Free February’. They have probably have discovered how hard it is to get products that are free from sugar when the research into ingredient names is carried out. I am talking about and why is it so hard to identify sugar in items we eat, well let me explain!

How to Stay Healthy Over Christmas 2018

Ah we all do it, constantly picking through the tin of Quality Street until the favourites are gone and the pickings slim, making our coffee’s that little bit more Irish with that bottle of Baileys, eating the leftover turkey after a night out on the town after a good session singing Fairy-Tale of New York and lining the fridge with beer, prosecco or some form of alcohol first and foremost. Sound familiar? Bloody right it does! I even managed to mix up yoghurt for mayonnaise in a sandwich after a Boxing night out and ate it, next day seen the knife in the yoghurt pot (cue wreck).

New Year’s Resolution Tips to Avoid Failure

So we are now well into January and you are probably thinking ‘well this isn’t going very well’. You’re probably awaiting a lecture on how you have terrible will power and how you should be feeling bad right now – WRONG! I’m guessing you have decided to go on a diet to lose weight by cutting out sweets, chocolate, maybe bread (I’m looking at you ladies) or gone on a diet such as gluten free or a vegan diet (the new favourite diet of the year).

Training tips used by Athletes

The following blog post provides an overview of some of the top training tips as used by athletes, runners, footballers and gym goers.

Avoid Food Waste & Smoothie Tips

Did you know that over 1 million tonnes of food waste in Ireland according to stop food waste Ireland. That equates to each person throwing out over 80kg of food each year. Last year, 7 million tonnes in the UK!

25 Healthy Snacks

When hunger strikes, what’s healthy can take a backseat to convenience. You’re pressed for time, and you need to satisfy your craving. Healthy snacks are an important part of a healthy diet. Here are 25 healthy snacks to fit every taste and situation.

Meat Snacks

The variety of choices in meat snacks is amazing. reported in November 2015 that there is an increasing European consumer interest in meat snacks. Europeans are looking for a snack food that has a higher level of protein, so meat snacks are the obvious choice.

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