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Rucksnacks FAQ

Why should I buy Rucksnacks?

Rucksnacks packs only contains premium air-dried beef, seasoning which is perfectly air dried and sliced into bite size pieces. A tasty protein snack that has NO added sugar, a snack without the guilt.


Where is Rucksnacks beef sourced from?

Our beef is quality assured grass fed beef.


How do Rucksnacks make your product?

We perfected our recipes in our farmhouse kitchen until we had the perfect combination of flavours.

We follow our simple 3 step process; add our unique seasoning, air dry over a long period and finally slice into bite size pieces.


Is Rucksnacks suitable for specific dietary requirements? 

Rucksnacks is a gluten and dairy free snack.


Why is protein a good snack?

Rucksnacks is high in protein; over 16g per 30g pack to be exact. We struggle to get sufficient protein in our diet which is critical for the growth, repair and maintenance of muscle. Having a protein pack ready to eat is a great choice.

Being high in protein, Rucksnacks is the perfect healthy snack and is also a highly filling snack, meaning no more hunger pangs.

Our snacks have less than 100 calories per 30g pack.


When should I eat Rucksnacks?

Rucksnacks are the perfect snack at any time of the day. Whether you are on the go between meetings, just smashed a gym session or looking for something to satisfy you, our healthy high protein snacks are perfect. Did you know that children also love our snacks? Try them in their school lunchboxes.


What is the difference between beef jerky, beef biltong and droewors?

Jerky is a ready to eat dried meat food – Methods used can vary significantly as can the type of meat used. Beef jerky meat is a lean cut of meat. It is sliced into thin strips and seasoning added. The slices are then dried and sliced into jerky pieces. Jerky meat used can be beef, turkey, chicken, lamb and even others like venison and deer.

Biltong is a traditional South African snack. Although similar to jerky, generally the same cuts of meat are the same for both jerky and biltong. Lean meat is cut into strips before spice is added. It is then air dried for a long period before the dried beef is sliced into pieces. Beef Biltong is the most common version available although other meat versions exist.

Droewers is based on a traditional South African method of making a snack food typically using a meat (lamb or beef) inside a sausage casing, which is subsequently dried. The dried beef sticks or lamb sticks are the final form of the product.


What makes Rucksnacks jerky so good?

We have worked hard to create the best beef jerky ever, it this backed up by our customers reviews. We listened to customer feedback and refined our snack to provide the best tasting beef jerky and biltong snacks available online. We are relentless, working hard on satisfying our customers, improving our flavours and ensuring our original beef jerky is the best jerky brand available online.

This means our beef jerky and beef biltong snacks are the best source of natural protein that your body needs. We want to provide our snacks worldwide eventually and our ultimate aim is to be the best beef jerky brand in the world.


What products do Rucksnacks currently offer?

We currently offer two flavours in our high protein snack range; original and fiery red chilli beef biltong.

We will be launching additional exciting flavours of beef jerky and beef biltong in Ireland and the UK in the coming months. We love working on exciting new gourmet jerky in the kitchen so we will continue to respond to customer requests for new flavours.


Are Rucksnacks paleo friendly?

Rucksnacks beef snacks are suitable for Paleo diets. Paleo diet focuses on natural eating and avoids processed and refined food. Our snack is gluten and dairy free, with no added sugar.


Why is beef jerky and beef biltong a great healthy snack?

Rucksnacks beef jerky snack packs come in 30g servings. This is the perfect serving to have on the go, after the gym or just have in the kitchen for a quick and easy healthy snack.

Can I buy Rucksnacks at wholesale rate?

Wondering where to buy bulk beef jerky online? We offer beef biltong wholesale, so get in touch via our wholesale or contact us page. We will offer our beef jerky wholesale once we launch our next flavours.


Is beef jerky and beef biltong a good office snack?

Rucksnacks beef jerky and beef biltong are the perfect office snack –High in protein and no added sugar ensure that you will be fuller for longer while avoiding the dreaded sugar-low that other snacks provide. We can cater for large or small order so just get in touch via our contact us page. We promise the best beef jerky in the world, delivered to your office at time intervals that you can choose.


Why protein snacks?

Not only is protein a crucial part of our diets, but it also helps our body recover and ensures our muscles repair. Protein snacks offer more satiety, meaning you will be fuller for longer. As our snacks have no added sugar, this means our snacks help avoid any energy drops.


What cut of beef or meat do you use in Beef Jerky and Beef Biltong?

We only use the best cut of meat for our jerky and biltong. We use premium beef that is 100% quality assured and fully traceable back to the farm. All our beef is grass fed which provides additional health benefits. Unlike many famous beef jerky brands, we do not use cow beef in our snacks, which is poorer quality, cheaper and lacks in taste. So if you buy the cheapest beef jerky, you will be eating cheap cow meat.


Why is Rucksnacks better than other brands of beef jerky and beef biltong?

Unlike other brand names of beef jerky, we are 100% family owned and run. We care about our customers and set the highest standards possible for everything we do. Check out our values which explain this better and why it is so important to us to be best. Check out our story to find out more about us and what makes us tick.


Is beef jerky and beef biltong a better than protein powder?

Firstly, protein powder and even protein bars, in some cases can be beneficial– However, many protein powders will contain some sort of artificial ingredients and generally require a significant amount of manufacturing.

The article from the Journal of Sports Science & Medicine titled “Protein – Which is Best?” (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3905294/) states that ‘protein from sources such as meat provides the highest quality protein primarily due to the completeness of the proteins’.

Natural protein sources, like Rucksnacks beef snacks, are high in protein.


How much does delivery cost and how long will it take?

Delivery is free in the UK and Republic of Ireland on all orders over €35/£35. Your snacks are carefully packaged immediately after your order is submitted and delivery generally takes 2-3 days, but this varies on location.


How is Rucksnacks packaged?

Rucksnacks is packed carefully into custom boxes and posted. Our healthy snack boxes are delivered to your office, work or home so look out for your distinctive biltong box or jerky box in the next mail delivery!


I am interested in stocking Rucksnacks, how do I contact you?

Feel free to contact us sales@rucksnacks.com and we will take care of you from here.


Where is the best place to buy beef jerky online?

Wondering where to buy beef jerky online? You can buy our beef biltong and beef jerky online via our shop online.

We also sell our beef jerky and biltong snacks on Amazon.


Can I order Rucksnacks as a gift?

Yes, Beef jerky gifts and beef biltong gifts are perfect for someone who loves healthy, natural snacks.

Know someone who loves beef jerky and want to surprise them with a gift voucher, or if you want to make the beef jerky order yourself, just contact us via email with the subject “gift” at sales@rucksnacks.com


Where can I buy beef jerky offline?  

Rucksnacks are currently stocked in local retailers in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. We hope to have our beef jerky on sale nationwide in the near future. For specific locations of each retailer, contact us at sales@rucksnacks.com


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Sign up when you make an order with us or drop us an email at hello@rucksnacks.com