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Healthy Protein Snacks

Health Protein Bar Snack

If you want to learn about high protein snacks, you’ve come to the right place. However, before we answer the question “What are good protein snacks”, it is important to answer another question. Why are healthy high protein snacks so important?


Importance of High Protein Snacks 

First high protein snacks will give you more lean muscle mass. The body is constantly fluctuating between muscle loss and gain. When you put protein in your body, you give it the fuel it needs to build muscle. This isn’t just important for athletes and bodybuilders. Everyone can benefit from more lean muscle mass.

You may have heard that a high protein low carb snack is good for weight loss. This is also true. Lean muscle mass helps you burn more calories. In addition to that, protein helps curb your hunger which reduces your caloric intake. Protein also requires twice as many calories for your body to break down than carbs, so if you are looking to lose weight, protein pulls triple duty.

It also improves your brain function.  The nutrients that improve brain function are only found in animal proteins. Omega 3’s, creatine, B 12 and Vitamin D are just a few of these. It may be particularly helpful in situations of impaired brain function. This includes conditions like ADD, dementia, and even sleep deprivation.

It can also improve our overall health and even help you live longer. It reduces your risk of osteoporosis and lowers your blood pressure. Studies suggest that higher protein intake can actually extend your lifespan by 10 years. If you weren’t ready to switch to a protein-rich diet before, you should be after learning about some of its incredible health benefits. Let’s look at the best healthy snack foods for every situation.


Snacks For Students

Healthy snacks for college students are essential for you to perform at your peak level. Healthy afterschool snacks will help keep kids minds sharp and keep their energy from dropping after a long school day. Greek yogurt is a great low-fat high protein snack. In addition to protein, it has Vitamins B and D which support healthy brain function. Walnuts contain Omega 3’s and Omega 6’s which are essential for brain function. Studies have also shown that students who regularly ate walnuts were better at deductive reasoning. These are both quick and easy options perfect for quick healthy snacks. Nuts also make great high protein snacks on the go. Eggs are another good snack for students. They have lots of protein as well as vitamin and minerals that support brain healthy like B vitamins and selenium. If you are on the go, you can consider pickled eggs. Just be aware they have a high sodium content so you don’t want to overdo it.


Tastiest Healthy Protein Snacks

No matter how healthy something is, we aren’t likely to eat it if it doesn’t taste good. Delicious healthy snacks are important. The best part is they seem more like an indulgent treat than healthy food. You can make a healthy delicious snack with a chocolate smoothie full of protein goodness. You’ll want to take low fat at chocolate milk, nut butter, a banana, and some ice and add it all to a blender. Blend and enjoy your indulgent milkshake. For a more savoury treat, try quesasdillas. While these aren’t normally considered a health food, they can be. Use whole wheat tortillas, low-fat cheese, and refried beans to create a snack that’s tasty, satisfying, and packed with protein. These also make great healthy football snacks. Beef jerky is another tasty snack. It is loaded with protein and low in fat and calories. Best of all, it can satisfy your craving for something salty, so you aren’t reaching for less healthy options like chips.


High Protein Low Carb Snacks

Having a high protein low sugar snack is a great way to start your day off right. For breakfast, try a stuffed avocado. You take an avocado, cut it in half and remove the seed. Add some strips of smoked salmon, a few spinach leaves, and a scrambled egg. Then bake at 425 for about 20 minutes. This is a very healthy way to start off your day because it has a mixture of good fats, vegetables, and protein. High protein low carb snacks also work well to ward off a midday crash. Cheese cubes or sticks are a great high protein mid-afternoon snack. If you are watching your calories, you should go with string cheese. You can also make wraps with turkey, ham, or grilled chicken. Use a slice of cheese and wrap it in lettuce leaves for some quick and good healthy snacks. These are perfect healthy snacks for adults and they are great in the evening.


Low Fat High Protein Snacks

Many sources of protein are also sources of fat. While these can be good fats, it is still important to limit your fat consumption.  Low-fat high protein snacks are the solution. Kefir is the creamy drinkable cousin of yogurt. It makes a great snack for anyone on the go or who lives a stressful lifestyle. This is because it has an abundance of stress-fighting vitamins and minerals including b vitamins, calcium, and magnesium. It is also a great low-fat protein source. Portobello mushrooms are high in protein and vitamins and minerals. Make a high protein snack by taking whole Portobello caps and adding pizza sauce and low-fat mozzarella cheese for healthy mini pizzas. You can also add banana peppers, onions, or whatever your favourite pizza topping is.


Healthy Snacks on the Go

If you are super busy, you should consider healthy snack delivery options. Having healthy snack options delivered to your door is very convenient. It saves you the trouble of going to the supermarket and trying to find healthy options. There are a few staples everyone who spends time outdoors should have in their bags. The first is beef jerky. It’s packed with protein, and it is easily portable. Next, are protein bars. These are a great source of energy because they contain protein, vitamins and minerals, and some carbs which are also essential for energy. Natural nut bars are the best choice when it comes to protein bars.


Healthy Protein Snacks for Adults

Grown-ups sometimes want delicious snacks that are healthy but appeal to their grown-up side as well. Roast beef and horseradish on a pear is a great healthy snack option for adults. Slice a pear in half, add some sour cream mixed with horseradish and top with roast beef. Great to serve at your next dinner party or just when you feel like indulging. Another adult snack is cherry tomatoes topped with goat cheese. Add chives to the top for something that looks and tastes beautiful.

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