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Is Popcorn a Healthy Snack?

Many people enjoy snacking in-between meals. Snacks can keep blood sugar levels steady and keep you satisfied until your main meals of the day. Finding snacks that are healthy can be a problem, especially when you’re trying to lose weight. It can also pose a problem when searching for snacks that are filling and delicious. During your quest for the perfect snack, you might have wondering whether or not popcorn is a good choice. Here is an overview of this possibility and whether or not popcorn is a healthy snack:

High fibre, normal carb diet

If you are following a diet that consists of an average amount of carbs and high fibre, then is popcorn a healthy snack? Popcorn can be healthy, but it will depend on how it’s prepared. Is plain popcorn a healthy snack? Yes, on a high fibre, normal carb diet, it is. However, many people dislike the taste of plain popcorn, as it can be too bland for many peoples’ tastes. There are numerous healthy toppings that can be put on popcorn to improve the taste immensely. As long as you don’t slather on a large amount , you can even use a small amount of butter to give it flavor. Here are some additional toppings that you might choose for your popcorn, to keep it healthy yet tasty:

  • Garlic powder & oil (olive or coconut oils are healthiest)
  • Sea salt and low fat powdered cheese
  • Cinnamon and healthy oil
  • Cayenne pepper, sea salt and butter, and many more

Diabetic diet

If you happen to be on a diabetic diet, then popcorn can be made to be healthy. Regardless of the toppings that you might opt for, moderation is the key to safely enjoying popcorn while on a diabetic diet. Portion control is important, because overeating any food can cause the loss of blood sugar control. There are many other healthy snacks for diabetics that you might want to explore.

It’s always a good idea to pair high protein foods with carbs in order to keep blood sugar levels steady. For instance, if you choose to eat popcorn, then you might want to use cheese as a toppings, since cheese contains protein. Depending on the type of kernels you purchase, popcorn can have a great deal of fibre. Fibre can also decrease the speed in which carbs are absorbed by your body, therefore keeping your blood sugar levels steady.

Low carb high protein diet

If you’re following a low carb high protein diet, then popcorn may not be such a healthy choice. Even if you add high protein toppings, the popcorn itself is a moderate carb food and will sabotage any low carb diet. There are numerous other more appropriate snacks that are better suited for a low carb high protein diet. Here is a partial list of snacks that are perfect for enjoyment while on a low carb high protein diet:

  • Nuts – A small amount of nuts can be enjoyed on a high protein low carb diet. Almonds are more ideal than cashews, as cashew have a higher carb content in addition to protein and fat.
  • Raw vegetables and dip – You can never go wrong with raw vegetables. Not only are they extremely nutritious, but they’re also low calorie and low carb. Healthy dip choices could be ranch, sour cream & chives, or even cheese.
  • Beef jerky – This is by far one of the best choices available when it comes to adhering to a low carb high protein diet. High in quality protein, with a moderate amount of fat, beef jerky has virtually no carbs and can make sticking to a strict low carb diet a breeze. The key is finding the right beef jerky, because if you opt for a choice chock full of preservatives and other unhealthy ingredients, then you may fail to see the results that you desire. Rucksnacks are a nutritious & healthy beef jerky, with no added sugar, nothing artificial and over 16g of protein per serving. Pick up some Rucksnacks beef jerky and you will always healthy, tasty beef jerky on the go!

healthy snacks in a supermarket

There are many healthy supermarket snacks available. The key is taking the time to read labels carefully so you can be sure to avoid certain ingredients that might not be ideal on the specific diet you’ve been adhering to. Of course packaged food is convenient

So if you’re wondering is popcorn a healthy snack, then it truly depends on several factors. First of all how it’s prepared is very important. If you choose popcorn from your local cinema, then it is likely not very healthy at all. Also, determining whether or not popcorn is a healthy snack or not depends on the specific diet you’re on, and also whether or not you have any food allergies. If it turns out that popcorn isn’t a very healthy snack for you, then you could choose other snacks like beef jerky, low fat yogurt and so much more.

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